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bicycle and park

Ropponmatsu Area(六本松)

Daily Life(日常)


What is your daily life like?

I have a routine where I go to yoga in the morning almost 5-6days a week.

I normally take a bike to hang around.

My favorite bicycle.

If you are thinking of moving to Fukuoka city, a bicycle is very convenient.

Walking in the park.

My yoga place is in Ropponmatsu so sometimes I go for walk in Ohori Park,

It is walking distance as well from Ropponmatsu to Ohori Park.

This is a nice green tea shop in Ohori Park.

Ropponmatsu is on the subway, and it only takes 8minutes to Tenjin, the central Fukuoka.

Coffee lover(コーヒー好きにはたまらんっ♬)

One day I found a little coffee place that I thought was such a cute small shop.They roast coffee beans from South America mostly.

I had a Guatemala one.

I like less roast so it will be sour than bitter.

Curry Lover(カレー好きな人に♡)

There are some curry places I am just into these days, one of the restaurants called “Currytiner”(カレチネ), went twice.

First time I ordered all 3 choices, there are ram, chicken and shrimp curry.

You will find the one your favorite around this area. Come to Fukuoka and find out!

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Grew up in Fukuoka City. Love cycling, traveling, Onsen, foodie(cafe and restaurant) and playing golf. Used work for WDW, International airline company then travel industry, then decided to contribute to her hometown by welcoming the residents from abroad who need high-end property and service.

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