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Izakaya in Fukuoka(福岡の居酒屋)

Toriaezu Nama(とりあえず生)

Toriaezu Nama means “For the time being,, beer (Please)”.

When you go to Japanese Izakaya(Japanese style pub), most of us order beer first.

And we say “Toriaezu Nama”. Toriaezu=For the time being=anyways type of word and “Nama”is shortened word for “Drafted beer”.

Bubble Beer(泡ビール)

This Yakitori place has “Bubble beer” which comes with bubbles in the beginning and later it will be melted and the beer itself will be about half glass.

I know for Western people they do not like bubble parts as when I went to the US or UK, it came with almost beer and no bubbles.

Japanese style beer comes with cold or frozen glass and some bubbles is prefered.

This bubble beer is completely new, hahaha.

But it was not mean but they have a point, it will make the beer more smooth and mild.

I liked it but I will order the normal one next time haha.

Speaking about Fukuoka(福岡といえば)

Many Izakaya have Fukuoka specialities such as cod raw cuisine, mackerel sashimi with sesame dressing(called GOMASABA), SUMOTSU(vinaigrette cooked offal)….

You can see from the photo, this is GOMASABA, my favorite.


Japanese grilled skewered meat (sometimes veges), looks like the photo.

It was chicken breast/ liver and pork and perilla leaves.

Butabara豚バラ(Pork ribs)

This Yakitori is called “Butabara” which is grilled sliced pork ribs which is a specialty of Fukuoka.

Special Kushi(skewer) うに、キャビア、トリュフ串

And this is a special Yakitori they had.

Cabia and seaurchin on the top of grilled pork skewered.

I didn’t eat but my friends did, which was good but it doesn’t have to be that way as well but it was a good price for those ingredients for 500JPY haha.

When you go to Yakitori Izakaya, you will be served cabbage as well and it is all you can eat, this place has pickled cabbage which is good too.

You eat between Yakitori to make your stomach ready for the next one, or refreshment.

Fukuoka is well known for its delicious food.

So you should try many places if you are foodie and find your Ikitsuke(行きつけ)(=the place you go often, favorite place).

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Grew up in Fukuoka City. Love cycling, traveling, Onsen, foodie(cafe and restaurant) and playing golf. Used work for WDW, International airline company then travel industry, then decided to contribute to her hometown by welcoming the residents from abroad who need high-end property and service.

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