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Living in Fukuoka

city life

As you might already know, Tenjin-Hakata area is the biggest city in Fukuoka.

You can shopping, finding new restaurants and bars which I like.

Also there is some shrines you can visit.

Kego Shrine(警固神社)

It is in the middle of Fukuoka city.

It is said that to go to shrine once a while to visit and pray how you are doing, provide appreciation makes life easier and the god will recognize you. So find a shrine near you and it will be your local shrine.

Kego Park(警固公園)

Currently Kego park is no fully opened due to current situation.

People sit and have a break during the shopping, walking around Tenjin area.

There are some break spot in Tenjin which you will enjoy!

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Grew up in Fukuoka City. Love cycling, traveling, Onsen, foodie(cafe and restaurant) and playing golf. Used work for WDW, International airline company then travel industry, then decided to contribute to her hometown by welcoming the residents from abroad who need high-end property and service.

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