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Drive to Saga(佐賀へドライブ旅)

Saga prefecture is next to Fukuoka and depends on the area it takes 1hr-2hrs to most of Saga area from Fukuoka city.

Car parking for this area.

This is parking and you can see Karatsu castle from here already.

Ferry to Takashima(Houtou Shrine)

One day I went to Karatsu(唐津) and it is famous for 唐津焼pottery and Karatsu castle(唐津城).

This time I went to Takashima(高島)which is very tiny island and people go there for Houtou Shrine (宝当神社) for pray for the fortune.

Ferry towards Takashima.

Takashima is only about 10minutes from Karatsu ferry port.

To and from Takashima by ferry it costs 220JPY per way and the ferry operates once in 1.5-2 hours.

ようこそ高島へ(Welcome to Takashima)

Once you arrive in Takashima, you may see this sign 宝当神社 then proceed the way to shrine.

You find cute cat footprints on the road.

Fortune Cats welcome you.(招き猫)

Fortune cats

Cats footprints are directing to the shrine.

Then you find Houtou Shrine,

宝当神社(Houtou Shrine)

Then we pray for the fortune for the lottery.

After that you find the lottery shop of course…hahaha.

Finger cross!

I have tried one and hope it will win!!

This whole journey took us about 30minutes or so and until the next ferry, we had an extra 1 hour here in Takashima.

However there is no other thing to do there.

If you would like to go back to main Karatsu then you may take a sea taxi.

When we were there it was raining a bit and didn’t want to get wet on the sea taxi, we decided to wait for the next ferry.

Got Goshuin for my collection.
豚骨ラーメン(Tonkotsu Ramen)

Once back to Karatsu, as I was too hungry, I found a local Ramen restaurant.

It was called “Ryu-ko ken”(龍虎軒) which has simple Tonkotsu ramen.

Tonkotsu is pork based ramen which is famous among Kyushu Island.

This place has less pork taste so it would be easy for people who are not familiar with very strong Tonkotsu ramen.

Karatsu castle(唐津城)

At the end of the Edo period, Karatsu castle was home to the Ogasawara clan, daimyō of Karatsu Domain. It was also known as “Dancing Crane Castle”

There is also beautiful Fuji flower in Apr-May, however due to the climate condition, Fuji flower has been curing these years, it will be another years until we can see the perfect Fuji flower view in the Maizuru park

The view from the castle was great but much better if it was sunny.



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Grew up in Fukuoka City. Love cycling, traveling, Onsen, foodie(cafe and restaurant) and playing golf. Used work for WDW, International airline company then travel industry, then decided to contribute to her hometown by welcoming the residents from abroad who need high-end property and service.

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