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Fukuoka trip 福岡旅行 – I love Onsen-

Do you like Onsen(hot spring/温泉)? I love Onse especially in the cold season.

Fukuoka is not famous for Onsen however it doesn’t mean we do not have one.

We still have Onsen–yay!

Haraduru Onsen(原鶴温泉)

This Onsen area called Haraduru Onsen(原鶴温泉) in Ukiha city which located north east side of Fukuoka.

It is not a big Onsen village but there are some old nice Ryokan(旅館/Japanese style hotel) and Onsen.

Do you like Kaiseki?(懐石)

What I love about Ryokan it, they have Onsen and the dinner at Ryokan is very gorgeous Japanese Kaiseki, which is Japanese style of course but they tend to set most of the course on the table from the beginning.

It is not far from central Fukuoka. It takes about 1-2hours to drive there.

There are some cute shops and restaurants around this area.

There is winery, gift shops and some sight seeing points.

Koyamashoryu Daikannon(香山昇龍大観音)

This is a standing Buddha statue near Haraduru Onsen area where it is said to be a power spot(fortune spot). 

You may also enjoy the view from there.

This is signature statue in Haraduru(原鶴) you should visit while you are there!

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Grew up in Fukuoka City. Love cycling, traveling, Onsen, foodie(cafe and restaurant) and playing golf. Used work for WDW, International airline company then travel industry, then decided to contribute to her hometown by welcoming the residents from abroad who need high-end property and service.

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